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Prayer Needs




Mwandi Mission is a place that operates on faith, which means that prayer is vital. Some of the particular needs are explained below, and Mwandi is grateful to anyone and everyone who is praying for them.


Here is also a list of items that Simba, the School and the Hospital are in need of.



- For Finances

- That the Youth Fellowship would regain momentum.

- That an interest in prayer would be sparked among the congregation

- For Lozi Bibles and hymn books



Running Costs

With the General Elections taking place at the end of September, the Government has drastically reduced the amount of money given to Mwandi hospital, in order to use it for their election campaigns. The budget is now 5 million kwacha (US$1,100) a month, compared to the 18 million (US$4,000) that was previously being received. This makes it hard to pay salaries, and to keep in enough HIV testing kits, drugs and chemicals needed in the laboratory. Pray that the hospital will be able to continue to function with no loss of services; and that money will arrive from somewhere!



TB Ward

The present TB ward does not have the proper ventilation necessary for an illness like TB, which is transferred by water droplets. Another building is being made into a TB ward and needing retiling, bathrooms and beds. Pray that this will be provided soon and thank God that a large amount of mattresses are due to arrive soon.

(Left: Mural on wall of future TB ward, Right: Future TB ward)


Maternity Ward

At the moment, there is an 8-bedded maternity ward. Plans are in the making to build another, bigger one which has better access to the delivery and theatre room. In hospitals, there should be separate 'in' and 'out' entrances to the theatre in order to prevent cross contamination, and this will also now be created. Pray that the plans will be approved and a grant awarded.



Praise God that a Congolese Doctor, Dr. John Mangala, has accepted the post of Doctor at Mwandi and should be starting soon. This means that Mwandi will be able to provide simple operations again, possibly be able to dispense antiretrovirals to children with HIV/AIDS and continue to function as a hospital. There's also a possibility of a Mission Doctor being employed - pray that the right person for the job will come.



School Building

It is important that Mwandi Basic School is extended into a High School in order to give 40 children each year an opportunity of another 3 years of education. This will give them the chance to become trained and earn a decent living for themselves and their future family; able to enter further education and to escape from the cycle of poverty that they are in. At the moment, the foundations have been built in faith that the 150 million kwacha (US$40,000) will arrive to continue building. Pray that the money will be donated, and that the transfer from a Basic to a High School will be smooth.




Mwandi is a village where there is very little to do, and virtually no hope of ever going further. There are many disaffected people around, whose only past times are to get drunk and sleep around - "Eat, drink and make merry for tomorrow we die". Pray that in this culture, the Church will be a real beacon of hope, with individual Christians 'shining like stars in the universe' (Philippians 2:15).